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Monday, September 22, 2014

Matt Hackney

"Doing some p­rogramming o­n our new de­velopment si­te #AppFork"
Updated 5 months ago


I’ve been writing on this book for awhile and wrote the forward to it this past week. You can check it out by clicking the book. The forward touches upon my childhood and explains why I have the views I do & the birth of their formation. Here’s an excerpt: “This is that story and […]

Buenos Aires Cafe Tango

If you want a taste of South America, Santa Barbara offers Buenos Aires Cafe right across the street from the Arlington. You may enjoy live music and cultured dancing Wednesday through Saturday with tango one night followed by a Brazilian Samba the next. They apparently have club dancing In weekends, though I made it on […]

New Year Film Score

Another night of making music for me. I have recently purchased quite the ensemble for creating film scores. I now have some great war drums, brass instruments, epic violins and cellos, and a choir to finish things off. I have a great handle on ambient music and you can see many of my tracks composed […]

Weekend Wine Tasting

I am on a trip to wine country today with some friends and wanted to share the experience. A lot of people don’t like wine, though they also don’t understand that wine is an experience, not just a taste. Santa Ynez is a slow, and peaceful area set back in the mountains with a cool […]